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Saying Goodbye 告别

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Saying Goodbye 告别

When you're far from friends and family, you can keep in touch with them by letters, post cards, short notes or phone calls.

1.A: I've come to say goodbye.
B: When are you off?
A: I'm flying home on Sunday afternoon.
B: Well, goodbye. See you soon.
A: Please don't forget to say goodbye to the rest of the family for me.

2.A: I'd like to say goodbye to everyone.
B: What time are you going?
A: My plane leaves at 7:25.
B; Well, goodbye and have a good trip!
A: Goodbye. Remember to look me up if you're ever in Washington.

3.A; I'm calling to say goodbye.
B: When do you leave?
A: I'm catching the 11:00 train.
B: Take care of yourself and don't forget to keep in touch.
A: Goodbye. Thanks again for everything.

4.A: I just dropped in to say goodbye.
B: What time are you leaving?
A: I'm going to try to leave by 10:00.
B: Take care and give my best to your parents.
A: Goodbye. Hope to see you again next year.

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