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  谢谢!—— Thank you.

  多谢!—— Thanks a lot.

  对不起,麻烦你。—— Excuse me.

  抱歉。—— Excuse the mess.

  需要帮忙吗?——Can I help you?

  谢谢你的帮助。—— Thank you for helping me.

  无论如何,我还要感谢你。—— Thanks, anyway.

  您好。——How are you!

  初次见面问好。—— How do you do!

  很高兴见到你。—— (It's) nice to meet you.

  请问您从哪来?——Where are you from?

  请问贵姓?——Can I have your name?

  我叫……。—— My name is... (I'm...)

  很高兴认识你。—— It was a pleasure meeting you.

  很高兴见到你。—— Pleased to meet you.

  希望再见到你。—— Hope to see you again.

  这是不是说我以后可以再见到你?—— Does that mean that I can see you again?

  玩得快乐。——Have a good time.

  祝你好运。—— Good luck.

  我希望没事。—— I hope nothing is wrong.

  怎么了?—— What's the matter?

  糟糕,严重吗?—— Oh, no! Is it serious?

  我真为你难过。—— I'm sorry for you.

  一路平安,走好。—— Have a safe trip home.

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