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5. 转告消息

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Key Sentences(重点句子)


79.Yes.I'll go to get him.


80.I'm so glad I've got hold of you at last.


81.Were you trying to get in touch with me,Peter?


82.I'm off today.


83.Listen,Mike,I've got news for you.


84.You don't know me,but this is Garl Mattews.


85.I'm calling on behalf of Dave Kennedy.


86.So he gave me your telephone number and let me give you acall.


87.And what time would suit you best?


88.You can call us from the lobby and we'll come down.


89.Please say hello to Dave for me and thank you so much forcalling me.


90.She asked me to ask you if you would be able to meet here to-day at 3∶30 p.m.


91.But you can page her.


92.What is the number of her beeper?


93.Fine.Thanks for the message.



Dialogue A


(A:Robert B:Peter C:Mike)


B:Hello.Is that Mike?

A:No,this is Robert,his brother,speaking.

B:Oh hello,Robert.This is Peter.How are you?

A:Fine,thanks,and you?

B:I'm very well.Is Mike there?

A:Yes.I'll go get him.

C:Hello.Mike speaking.

B:Hello.Mike?This is Peter speaking.I'm so glad I've got holdof you at last.

C:Were you trying to get in touch with me,Peter? I'm off to-day.

B:That's good to know.Listen,Mike,I've got news for you.

C:What is it?

B:My sister Jane is coming back from America.

C:That's great.When is she coming back?

B:Next weekend.

C:Next weekend?OK.And I want to know how long she willstay here this time.

B:About a week. Let's get together tonight and plan a party forher.

C:All right.I'll come to your place at 8 o'clock.

B:Good.I'll be waiting for you.

C:See you later.



Dialogue B


(A:Stan Summers B:Carl Mattlews)


B:Hello.Can I speak to stan Summers,please?


B:Oh.Mr.Summer.You don't know me,but this is Carl Mat-tews.I'm calling on behalf of Dave Kennedy.

A:Oh.So you're a friend of Dave's.How is he anyway?

B:oh,he's doing well and will be promoted again.

A:That's good to hear.Carl,what are you doing in New York?

B:Dave and I are attending a conference at the Hilton untilThursday.And Dave is busy now.So he gave me your tele-phone number and let me give you a call.He wants to know ifyou will have any time at all to got together tonight or Thurs-day evening.

A:Well,tonight there's a banquet I have to go to.But Thursdayevening I'm free.

B:Good.Thursday evening.And what time would suit you best?

A:Seven-thirty would be good for me.

B:Yes,that's fine.So that's 7∶30 p.m.on Thursday at Hilton.

I'll book the table.And my room's 2120.Dave's is 2122.Youcan call us from the lobby and I'll come down.

A:Fine.I'm looking forward to it!

B:Me,too.See you on Thursday,then.

A:Please say hello to Dave for me and thank you so much for call-ing me.Good-bye.


Dialogue C


(A:Roland B:Mr.Zhang)

A:Hello.May I speak to Mr.Zhang?


A:Hi,Mr.Zhang.This is Roland.Miss Lee telephoned.She askedme to ask you if you would be able to meet her today at 3∶30p.m.

B:Sorry,but I'll have a meeting then.Please tell me her call num-ber and I'll explain it to her personally.

A:Miss Lee said she would not be in her office this afternoon,butyou can page her.

B:What is the number of her beeper?

A:It's 6594968-99806.

B:Fine.Thanks for the message.Good-bye.



Words and Expressions


touch   vt.触摸;接触;碰到

weekend   n.周末

party   n.党,政党;聚会,宴会

behalf   n.利益

on behalf of 代表某人

anyway   ad.无论如何,无论怎样

conference   n.商议;会谈

Hilton  希尔顿

banquet   n.宴会

suit  v.对……适合;(使)适合

lobby   n.前厅;穿堂

look forward to 渴望,盼望

page   v.找人,寻找

beeper   BP机

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